Koukla’s Next Voyage

Ever since we returned from our first trip in 2002, we have talked about going again.  Well, it’s now been over a decade since we first set sail, and it’s high time for a repeat voyage.  Scott and I have both graduated from high school and college, my parents are both retired, so the time is ripe.  However, this time Koukla will have a larger crew.  In addition to my parents, brother, and me, my husband Isaac, and Scott’s girlfriend Molly will be joining us.

The crew is not the only change for our second voyage.  This time, hopefully, most things will actually be functional from the beginning.  We will have electricity, running water, flushing toilets, HAM radio email, shower, and even a small washer/dryer!  If this doesn’t sound that thrilling to you, I would encourage you to read the posts from the 2001-2002 Caribbean voyage, originally published in the Rockland Courier-Gazette.

Our route will be similar, as we will start from our home port of Rockland, Maine, sail down the east coast, wait out hurricane season in the Chesapeake Bay, and head offshore sometime in early to mid December, weather permitting.  But we hope to sail further south this time, and hit several different islands.  We will also be participating in several research projects, primarily in association with Adventures and Scientists for Conservation.

And this time, thanks to the advances in technology over the past decade, we hope to be more connected to friends, family, and the world at large.  In addition to this blog, you can follow our adventures on Facebook and Twitter.



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