Painting The Hull Begins

The new life raft arrived yesterday. There are only six of us, but we wouldn’t want to be cramped, so we opted for the eight person model. The life raft is compressed into a cylindrical white plastic shell. We had planned to swing the 245 pound drum into place using the fore boom as a hoist, but the raft was lighter than advertised, so we simply laid a board from the dock to the boat and muscled up the ramp into place.

The major project of repainting the hull kicked off with scraping, sanding, and primering of half the above-waterline hull surface. While on duty with the highly technical task of holding the floating work platform in place while Horatio applied primer, I managed to find time to observe the surroundings:

The local marine supply store was supplying lunch today as well, so we swung by to pick up more paint, primer, and other gear, not to mention hamburgers and hot dogs.


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