Horatio (aka Scott) and Molly working to get ready to leave

Months ago, when we first started telling people that we were going on this crazy trip, we said we’d be leaving the first week of September. As the months went by, that turned into first or second week of September, then “early” September. At some point we decided on September 10th. Nice round number. But as the 10th loomed closer it became more apparent we wouldn’t be leaving by the 10th. We didn’t even move on the boat till the 11th. First, there was simply too much to do. Things to hook up, houses, cars, bills, and obligations to take care of–shore stuff. We spent almost a week living on the boat before we were actually ready to leave.

On the 16th we were ready. We took off the awning, sail covers, and sail stops, ready to take in the dock lines, turned on the engine and…problems. The engine cooling water pump wasn’t working. At first it appeared to just be a quick fix, but then it was apparent that it was a piece that needed to be welded. We’d have to take it somewhere. It’d be a few hours delay if we were lucky. We weren’t. Two welds and two breaks later, we decided we’d need a new part. It’d be at least another day waiting for the part to arrive. We tracked the part and the next morning it was in Rockland out for delivery. It then occurred to us that we should have just had the part sent to the UPS place and picked it up ourselves. We spent the rest of the day waiting for it to arrive. By the time it got here it was already too late in the day.

Finally, on September 18th we were ready to go. The part was installed, the engine was working properly, and we were leaving. For real this time. Now that we’ve left, it’s kind of exciting to think about all that is ahead. Now the fun can begin. We hope.


Our first night (Tennants Harbor)


1 thought on “Leaving

  1. Sharon

    Hope this time it truly is a “bon voyage”. Watching everything on shore, all good. Rain today, but maybe you are out of it. LOVE the picture of T. Harbor! Beautiful shot.


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