Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why would you want to go sailing and live in such tight quarters with your family?

A. Because life is short.  I will use my father’s favorite Irving Johnson quote here: In response to a man contemplating joining Johnson on a year-long voyage, the man said he wasn’t sure he wanted to take a year out of his life to go sailing. To this, Johnson replied emphatically, “It’s not a year out of your life, it’s a year in your life!”  Yes, the younger members of Koukla’s crew are taking time away from our respective careers and education.  But as I learned on the first voyage, living on a boat is an education in itself. We all work toward the future–weekends, vacations, retirement.  But why wait?  The time is ripe and we are off.

Q. But what will you do?  Won’t you get bored?

A. It’s a fair amount of work to sail and maintain a 60 ft. gaff-rigged schooner.  There are sails to raise, decks to swab,  meals to cook, and of course sights to see.  We’re not on the boat the entire trip, we go ashore regularly and explore.  And of course there are always books to read. Besides, “only boring people get bored.”  We’ll also be participating in research projects, and keeping this blog of course!

Q. What about bad weather?  What will you do if you run into a storm?

A. You avoid them at all costs, but it can happen.  It did last time.  You just batten down the hatches, get to the safest spot you can find, and wait it out.  But, with improvements in technology over the past decade, it should be much easier to track storm systems and avoid them.


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