Koukla is a 60 ft gaff-rigged schooner built in Taiwan in 1984, and designed after the Gloucester fishing schooners.

Koukla was purchased and refurbished by the Cowan family in 1997, and in 2001 they set sail for a 9 month cruise to the Caribbean.  Danica Cowan, then 16, chronicled the family’s voyage in a series of articles published in the Rockland Courier-Gazette.  These original articles and be found here.

The Cowans, their adult children, and their significant others, will set sail once again this fall.


One thought on “Koukla

  1. Ken Fabert

    Hey Kouklas!
    Fun to keep up with you–good writing Issac and Danica. Hope this finds you enjoying some beautiful fall New England weather. I’ll be following you with envy as you head south. But no complaints here–our weather has been perfect for sailing for the past few weeks: clear, crisp, 15 kts from the N. The rain will come soon enough, but the wind stays. As they say around here, no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes (or sail trim…). I thought you might enjoy this You Tube clip I made of the schooner Adventuress which happened to be out last week doing some tacking drills. The old girl’s a 100 year old B.B. Crowninshield gaffer out of The Rice Bros. yard in Boothbay. Over the years, she’s become a NW icon and is the platform for a non-profit called Sound Experience.
    Fair winds,


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